Robert was born in February, 1981 in Salem, Massachusetts and grew up in Maine. His single mother, Judy Santos, raised Robert and his siblings. Robert has one older brother and two younger sisters. Robert and his family understood what it what it was like to struggle economically with his mother working several jobs just to pay the bills. From an early age, Robert learned from his mom what it meant to work hard. In 2002, Robert received his Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice from McIntosh College in Dover, NH. After obtaining his degree, he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps as a Military Police Officer and honorably served eleven years. During those 11 years he held numerous positions including Patrolman, Patrol Supervision, Watch Commander, Security Chief and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Officer. While on active duty Robert took every measure to further his education and strengthen his character and the ability to help others. In 2010, he became a Marine Corps Recruiter for the Trumbull and Mahoning County area. Robert did not look at our community in terms of numbers but went above and beyond what was required as a recruiter, assisting numerous of the Valley’s citizens in finding their life path. He directed many to the career that most benefitted them and sometimes this was not enlistment in the Marine Corps. In 2013, Robert was medically retired due to injuries he sustained in the Marine Corps and 3 years later Robert married his best friend, Kristan Santos. They currently live in Austintown with their three sons, Konnor, Timothy, and Logan. Robert has fought for and served this great nation as a United States Marine with the honor, courage and commitment his station in the military afforded him. He has a deep work ethic, high drive to succeed and a natural aptitude for problem solving. Now Robert seeks to continue fighting for, representing and assisting in the economic growth and overall wellbeing of District 13 as your next congressman.

Robert J Santos

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