"As a United States Marine, I served this GREAT Nation with honor, courage, and commitment. I have the required skill sets needed to get Congress back on track. I have led, trained, and educated over 5,000 United States Marines. I coordinated with local National Security Forces that work hand and hand with our Military. District 13 has been neglected and unheard of for far too long. It's time we have a true American represent us, not someone that believes the seat owes them. I will work for you. When elected, I will ensure Congress remembers they are here for the people, not themselves. We need to create more living-wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety - especially getting drugs off the streets, a top priority. With over a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THE JOB IS DONE"​



The 2nd Amendment was made second for one reason: it stands behind the 1st Amendment, watching over it. It stands in front of all the others protecting them. Our forefathers put this in place in the Constitution to ensure we do not become the very thing we fought so hard to get away from centuries ago. As a nation we must continue the fight to ensure our rights are in no way, shape or form infringed upon. 


Life is essential, valuable and precious. It is our duty as Americans to protect those that can not defend themselves. As a father, I was deeply affected by abortion at age 22. I made some life choices and ended a relationship. I regret to say that as a result my ex-girlfriend had an abortion when I didn’t even know she was pregnant. She used the abortion as a form of punishment because I broke up with her. I live intentionally with this always in mind and pride myself on the father I’ve become and the dedication I have to my children and family.


Abortion affects a multitude of people, basically everyone has been affected by it on some level. As a victim of the abortion industry and as a father who never met one of my kids, I promise I will fight for our children and defend the defenseless.

Planned Parenthood is manipulating young women to believe they cannot have a successful career, fulfilling lives or live their destiny if their pregnancy continues. This is a disgrace and I will work day in and day out to uphold the sanctity of life.


We must put Term Limits at all levels of government into effect. Some already do, however for the ones that do not, (like Congress) we have career politicians on both sides whose reasoning for running for office have changed. They are corrupt and believe the seat owes them. By putting these limits into effect, we will essentially stop issues such as the "Dinosaur effect,” a term we use in the Military. This is what we call those that have held a position for such a long time they refuse to implement change. They only do the minimum required with an eye to making the seat more comfortable, forgoing upkeep let alone progress in their District.


This topic needs no detailed explanation. We cannot put the needs of others before our U.S. Citizens. How can we house illegals, give them benefits when we have struggling families?   As a Nation, we will always offer our services to others, but this is unacceptable. We are wasting millions caring for illegals, but we won’t assist our own U.S. Citizens.  


District 13 has approximately 630 homeless families and the number has been increasing. As of January 2018, Ohio had approximately 10,249 homeless a day. This is unacceptable. This is beyond unacceptable. It is our responsibility to ensure these families of The Valley receive the help they need as well as the entire Nation. Currently, illegal immigrants are receiving more attention and care than our U.S. Citizens. We must help those in need, however, it is unacceptable when we ignore our own U.S Citizens and put others before our own. Currently, The Valley is suffering from drug use and an opioid overdose epidemic. According to recent data, there is an average of five deaths per day. We need to bring all officials to the table from the State down to the officers dealing with this every day. Only by standing together with collaborative resources can we establish a unified front to attack and solve this devastating issue head-on.


Our education system is always a top priority. Schools are solely focused on test scores and move our children through the class like a herd of cattle, at a fast pace, paying little attention to whether or not the student is learning. Our children deserve better. Educators are losing their jobs due to funding issues. Teachers are using their own money to ensure they have the proper equipment to teach our children, which causes frustration and a lack of caring. Our teachers deserve better. These days our kids don’t even like school let alone studying Math, Social Studies, and English. The subject matter and method doesn’t excite most children. Children get bored, skip, or simply do not put forth the effort. When I went to high school, I was able to choose from all sorts of elective classes, Shop, Home Economics, Parenting, Mechanics, Architecture, Media, Photography, and more. These inspired us, gave us a sense of accomplishment and a reason to excel at learning. They allowed students to imagine the unimaginable. More so than just taking test after test. It is time we invest more in our educational systems. It is understandable that finances are always an issue however, removing valuable classes is not the answer. Education is vital to our success as a nation. When we stop removing certain parts or entire subjects just to save a dime and spend it elsewhere, we have failed the next generation. This is not just the Valley, this happens everywhere, and it needs TO STOP NOW.

Reforming our educational system will ensure that the next generation understands anything is obtainable and that effort awards success. We have a duty to our nation’s children to see that excellent, inspiring educational standards are restored to our schools.







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